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Wire bending machines can be used for bending and winding processing of springs, steel wires, iron wires, copper wires, metal materials, etc., and it can be described as a wide range. There are also many types of forming methods. Today we will look at the bottom pressing and bending forming methods of wire bending machines.
wire shelf wire bending machine
When pressing bottom bending is selected, the sheet metal material is clamped between the upper and lower molds to obtain the necessary bending angle and half-warp of the elbow. The bottom bending is generally suitable for mass and mass production. Production and processing of thick plates below 2mm. The bending half-warp is small, the bending is high precision, and the precision and wear resistance are good. It should be noted that the working pressure of press-bottom bending is too much than the pressure of gap bending, which is generally more than three times.

The angle of the bottom pressing and bending abrasive tool should be consistent with the angle of the plate and the material. Generally, when pressing the bottom to bend high carbon steel, the angle of the upper and lower molds should be the same as the angle required for the plate. When the bottom pressing method is used for production and processing, the ratio of the abrasive tool, that is, the ratio of the thickness of the thick plate B to the opening distance V of the lower die is: B:V=1:6.

It is clarified that the interaction force between the upper and lower molds is released on the material during the whole process of tonnage bending during work, causing the material to cause plastic deformation. Working tonnage refers to the bending working pressure during bending.

The hazard factors of the tonnage in the clear work are: bending half-warp, bending method, ratio of abrasive tools, length of elbow, thickness of bending material and compressive strength, etc., as shown in Figure 1.

Generally, the tonnage during work can be selected by pressing the table and set in the main parameters of production and processing.
wire shelf wire bending machine

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