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Spring Machine

 Spring is one of the important parts in the car 

Spring is one of the important parts in automobiles. The development of current automobile technology and the inherent characteristics of springs determine its irreplaceability. China's auto spring industry has gradually developed along with the auto industry, but the foundation is weak, and there is still a big gap compared with large foreign spring companies. With economic globalization and China's accession to the WTO, China's auto spring industry is increasingly threatened by competition from foreign spring industries. How to obtain opportunities for survival and development in the fierce market competition is an urgent problem that China's auto spring industry needs to solve. This article introduces the development trend of main automobile springs from the perspective of technological development , and affirms the development prospects of automobile spring products from the application prospect of springs in automobiles through specific analysis . But this article also points out the problems in China's auto spring industry and analyzes the opportunities and challenges it faces. This article puts forward the strategic choice of China's automobile spring industry that needs to rely on large groups or form alliances with foreign spring industries, and specifically analyzes the reasons. At the same time, the author also puts forward the key to the successful implementation of this strategy in this article.

Abstract 1: Suspension springs are frequently subjected to high-stress impact loads in actual use, which puts forward higher requirements for the production of quenched and tempered spring steel wires for suspension springs . φ15 mm 55SiCr spring steel wire rods are used to produce φ12.6 mm For the quenched and tempered spring steel wire, the heating temperature is 930, 950, 980, 1 010, 1 040 ℃, the tempering temperature is 440, 460, 480, 500, 520 ℃, and the vehicle speed is 24, 26, 28, 30, 32 m/min, quenching back to φ12.6 mm

Abstract 2: Aiming at the fracture problem of the rear coil spring of a certain automobile , by studying the theory of the spring and the lower spring seat and analyzing the material and composition of the spring , the main reason for the fracture was clarified, and the spring shape was improved and the CAE simulation was carried out. This problem is resolved.

Abstract 3: Analyzed and compared the stamping cracking situation and process of a user’s complaint about the automobile shock absorber spring cover. It was found that the cause of stamping cracking was related to the user’s stamping process, not a material quality problem. It also discussed how to deal with user stamping cracking complaints The approach to be taken.

Abstract 4: This utility model discloses a nitrogen spring type automobile jack, which includes a jack shell. The outer surface of the lower end of the jack shell is provided with multiple sets of lifting columns, and the outer surface of the lifting columns is provided with multiple sets of limit holes, And the outer surface of the lifting column is provided with a base near the lower end, the outer surface of the front end of the base is provided with a limit pin, the inside of the jack shell is fixedly installed with a fixed block near the bottom end, and the inside of the fixed block is close to a There is an adapter sleeve on the side position,

Abstract 5: The present invention provides a cushion spring for automobile cushions , which includes a cushion plate and a steel plate, and the cushion plate is movably connected above the steel plate; the cushion plate includes a heat insulation net, a cushion cushion and a fixing frame, and a cushion cushion is fixedly connected to the lower part of the cushion plate. A heat insulation net is fixedly connected above the cushion pad, and a fixing frame is fixedly connected to both sides of the heat insulation net. The device is equipped with guide rods, heat insulation nets, fixing frames, cushions, and springs . The expansion and contraction of the guide rods drives the springs to expand and contract, and the setting of the guide rods can be limited.

  Abstract 6: This utility model discloses a flocking spring for an automobile electric tailgate , which includes an inner tube and an outer tube. The outer tube is located outside one end of the inner tube and is movably connected. The inner tube and the outer tube are not adjacent to each other. One end is fixedly connected with a ball head, the inner tube is provided with a motor, one end of the motor is fixedly connected with a gear, one end of the gear is provided with a main shaft, the main shaft surface is provided with a spring , and the spring surface is provided with fluff, One end of the main shaft is provided with an outer tube main shaft, and the main shaft and the outer tube main shaft
Spring Machine

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