Common problems and solutions | china spring coiler

Common problems and solutions of spring coiling machine | china spring coiler

1. Problem: After setting the probe on the spring coiling machine, the probe has touched the wire, but it still reports that the probe fails.

Analysis: The probe is an input signal device for the machine controller.

problem causes:

1. In the program compiled by the commissioner, the angle of the cam movement of the probe sensing program is too small.

2. Poor contact between the probe head and the probe wire. The material has poor conductivity.

3. The light-emitting diode or resistance of the I/0 input and output board processing the probe signal is damaged.

4. The signal line from I/0 input and output to the controller is in poor contact.


1. Increase the cam rotation angle of the probe induction program line. Because the angle is too small, the program has entered the next line before the probe has sensed the line. Therefore, if the probe fails to be reported, you can also set the value appropriately in the "Probe Advance Delay" in the "Working Parameters".

2. If the problem still exists, turn on the machine and press the "System Management" button to select "Input and Output Detection Interface" in the probe detection area on the upper left. Knock the machine with the installed probe (there is no paint covering it can conduct electricity) to see if the corresponding probe box flashes, if so, please solve it according to the first step of the above solution. If not:

1. Replace the probe head and the probe connection line, and observe whether the probe head and the connecting wire on the aviation connector are in poor contact.

2. Turn on. Knock the slider of the machine with the probe, and observe whether there is a red light flashing on the I/0 input and output board. In the correct case, the proe+ number should flash in the corresponding red light. If there is no need to replace the I/0 input and output board.

3. For example, there is a light flashing on the I/0 input and output board, but the probe grid of the input/output detection interface on the computer does not flash. Please check the white signal cable from the I/0 board to the computer, unplug the two connectors of the cable, use a flat-blade screwdriver to slightly adjust the pins on the connector, and then press it on.

4. In addition to the above machine reasons, it is also necessary to test the electrical conductivity of the product wire.
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