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Computer compression spring machines and universal spring machines belong to CNC spring machines.
Computer compression spring machine has the advantages of traditional mechanical compression spring machine. It is equipped with a modern computer-controlled servo system for high speed and accuracy. The system is equipped with a computer that can memorize 1000 working procedures, the position of each axis, wire feeding information, production speed, and production. The quantity is all on the display screen, the program data is easy to set and change on the keyboard, and the adjustment is extremely convenient.
The spacing adopts two methods of cam plate direct push, inclined plane spacing knife type and spacing rod push type. The spacing adjustment is convenient and flexible, and the outer diameter axis is independent. The outer diameter can be easily adjusted through the setting program. The compression spring machine can be produced without adjusting the mechanical part. Compression springs of any shape completely avoid the trouble of replacing cams. Various compression springs, oil seal springs, battery springs, conical springs, double cone springs, safety springs, magazine springs and various simple wire forming can be debugged. Through the winding principle, the computer compression spring machine can process the product structure of circle, arc and straight line. It is mainly used to process various precision compression spring products, such as spiral springs, tower springs, conical springs and mold springs. ,
The universal spring machine is generally composed of a host, a control system, a motor power unit, auxiliary devices, and auxiliary equipment. Among them
The key is the control system. The universal spring machine has developed from the mechanical type controlled by the electric appliance to the CNC computer spring with the integration of electromechanical and optical.
The universal spring machine control system is mainly composed of bus, CPU, power supply, memory, operation panel and display screen, position control unit,
Universal spring machine programmable controller logic control unit and data input/output interface. Universal spring machine host
Also changed from the previous thick, black and heavy castings to the Xianheng CNC alloy steel machine panel. The universal spring machine improves the mechanical strength.
And rigid, fully automatic closed gear transmission and lubrication, so that the spring has higher mechanical precision and higher efficiency. The universal spring machine uses the principle of pressing to process the product structure of elements such as circles, arcs, straight lines and angles. It is mainly used to process various compression springs, torsion springs, extension springs, leaf springs, special-shaped springs and wire forming products.
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