Solution to the clamping problem | lighting wire bending machine

Solution to the clamping problem of CNC bending machine | lighting wire bending machine

The continuous development of CNC bending machine manufacturing technology, with its advantages of high positioning accuracy, convenience, zero-activity disturbance compensation, and good consistency of processed products, has been increasingly favored by the majority of sheet metal manufacturing companies. However, in limited circumstances, how to better use and give full play to its functions and advantages has become a problem that users are concerned about and urgently need to solve.
  The numerical control system is used to control the electric box, the controller, the linear grating ruler and the digital hydraulic system. The communication between them ensures that the bending machine has excellent performance and accurate transmission. The entire stroke of the two pistons is synchronized and controlled by digital signals to avoid interference from other signals. And to a certain extent, it can reduce engineering costs, save operating time, and improve work efficiency. From a practical point of view, discover its own problems, and find treatment measures based on relevant specific fault information. The scientific methods used are based on the original technical methods. Continue to maintain and improve the hydraulic system, and to a large extent give play to the characteristics and advantages of the hydraulic system of the CNC bending machine.
lighting wire bending machine
The programming method of CNC bending machine has been improved, and the programming method of processing each part has been optimized, and the appropriate cutting amount and speed can be selected according to different tools. The programming adopts one-blade two-edged straight cutting method to ensure the same inner groove R, smooth transition connection, and no defect in the connection. The programming also adopts the fillet connection chamfering method, and the R0.1mm arc connection program segment is added before the chamfered program segment, which solves the flash and burr phenomenon of the original parts, realizes the sharp edges and corners of the processed parts, and improves the parts Overall quality.
lighting wire bending machine

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