Working principle of spring mechanism | battery spring forming machine

Working principle and advantages of spring operating mechanism | battery spring forming machine

The working principle of the spring operating mechanism: The spring operating mechanism is composed of four parts: spring energy storage, closing maintenance, opening maintenance, and opening. There are a large number of parts, about 200, which are stored by the spring in the mechanism. The energy of the circuit breaker is closed and opened. The storage of spring energy is realized by the operation of the deceleration mechanism of the energy storage motor, and the closing and opening actions of the circuit breaker are controlled by the closing and opening coils. The key components of the spring operating mechanism are the opening spring and the closing spring. The mechanical work is stored in the closing spring in a short time, and then the closing spring energy is released for closing; during the opening process, the opening spring stores energy and is used as the opening power. Therefore, the energy of the closing and opening operations of the circuit breaker depends on the energy stored by the spring and has nothing to do with the magnitude of the electromagnetic force, and does not require too much closing and opening current.
The main advantages of the spring operating mechanism are:
①The closing and opening current is not large, and high-power operating power supply is not required;
②Either remote electric energy storage, electric closing and opening, or on-site manual energy storage, manual closing and opening. Therefore, manual closing and opening can also be carried out when the operating power disappears or the operating mechanism refuses to operate. operate;
③The closing and opening action is fast, not affected by the fluctuation of the power supply voltage, and can automatically reclose quickly;
④ The energy storage motor has low power and can be used for both AC and DC;
⑤The spring operating mechanism can make the energy transfer optimally matched, and the circuit breakers of various breaking current specifications can use the same operating mechanism. Different energy storage springs can be selected, and the cost performance is excellent.
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