Introduction of spring machine

Introduction of spring machine

①Quick release wire straighteners

②Fast and stable rotary wire feed box

③Economical for high volume production

The spring machine generally refers to the mechanical equipment for the production of springs. The development of automatic type and numerical control type is divided into: compression spring machine, tension spring machine, universal machine, disc machine and special spring machine such as: snake spring machine, torsion spring According to the driving mode, the machine is divided into: semi-automatic, automatic, numerical control and full computer control.

At present, the most widely used is the CNC spring machine with computer control. The mainstream trend will be the development of multi-axis spring machine, such as multi-axis computer compression spring machine, wire spring machine and camless spring machine.

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360° head rotation, inner membrane rotation function, high degree of automation

Independent research and development, can be customized according to production requirements

Intelligent computer, easy to operate, easy to learn and understand

Parts and components imported from Japan and Taiwan, one year warranty, more durable and reliable equipment

The operation process of the spring machine

Auto Link Technology Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacturer. For more than 20 years, through the research and production of "wire bending machine", "camless spring forming machine" and "spring coiling machine", it has integrated the best high-tech CNC solution. We also produce various other machines to provide total solutions for spring production.

We are available in the global market in more than 100 countries around the world. Our machines are widely used in industrial production of kitchens and bathrooms, furniture, furniture, automobiles and motorcycles, gardening and fitness equipment, electronic parts, etc.

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Operating principle of spring machine

The spring machine is a device that relies on one or two pairs of feeding wheels to compress the steel wire, and the rotation of the feeding wheel drives the steel wire to move forward in a straight line. The gears on the feeding wheel shaft are driven by sector-shaped incomplete gears. The rotation speed of the upper and lower rollers is the same, but the direction of rotation is opposite. The feeding wheel rotates once, and the feeding length is the circumference of the feeding wheel. The unfolding length of the spring can be determined by the number of rotations of the feeding wheel. The number of teeth of the fan-shaped incomplete gear is the number of rotations that control the feeding wheel.
In addition, each arm does not have a cam plate, and the adjustment machine does not need to arrange the cam plate, which is simpler and easier to learn.
Spring machine, the strengthening process is to use the impact of the high-speed moving projectile flow on the metal surface to produce a cyclic plastic strain layer on the surface, which leads to favorable changes in the microstructure of the layer and introduces the residual compressive stress field into the surface layer. The microstructure and residual compressive stress field of the computer spring machine surface are two strengthening factors to improve the fatigue fracture and stress corrosion fracture resistance of metal materials and their springs, so as to improve the reliability and durability of the spring machine spring.

User Reviews

What users say about AUTO LiNK

Power saving. Compared with 5-axis and 8-axis machines, the total power is 2-4 kilowatts lower, saving almost 30-60 yuan a day, and saving more than 900 yuan a month.


I have used the belt for 3 years and it is still very convenient. No maintenance or maintenance is required. It has been half a year since I bought the machine, and I added butter several times, which is very worry-free.


With more than 20 years of technical guarantee, you can buy with confidence, and things have not disappointed me. A great shopping experience.


The program of finding the right product in the past was very time-consuming, but the new system of their machine is very convenient, you can call different programs, you can directly see the 3D image, and you can know which product you don’t need to type out.


I am very satisfied with the after-sales service of their home. One night, the master in my factory hit the knife with the real object. There was a problem and the machine was not working. The next day was a holiday. They arranged for someone to come and fix it early in the morning. It took half an hour.


I have a sample, and it took two or three weeks to find several spring factories, but I couldn't print it out. I came here and I got the sample in a few hours. The accuracy is high and it can pass the inspection tool.


I was not very familiar with this industry before. I came here to study, and the master also taught patiently. I can complete the production of some simple products independently in two or three days.


Their bending machine can switch the R angle, which is especially convenient for the proofing and production of some products with multiple R angles.


The workbench can be rotated 360°, which is very advantageous for large industries and cannot be done by others.


The workbench is relatively long, with a working space of 800mm, and the products that can be made are relatively long.

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1. The core part of the spring machine is the wire feed box. Our wire feed box is not only an integral casting, but also the key wheels are imported. The biggest difference with Friends is that our motor is not on the back of the transfer box. This does not meet the safety regulations of the European and American markets. At the same time, the transfer speed will become very slow. You can see the video of our switch box. 2. The biggest advantage of our wire transfer machine is that small wire diameters below 4.0mm pay attention to speed and accuracy, and above 4.0mm are mainly strength and stability. So we have put a lot of effort on the transfer structure. Our design does not originate from any domestic company at present. It is more about learning and understanding the design in Japan and the United States. We also have a design engineer in the United States. The design details of each of our products require data to be measured. For example, the wire box of the transfer line needs to reach a certain speed, and cannot be turned slowly like a friend does. This will definitely affect the speed. You can also take a look at the 9mm hard-wired equipment we made. At the same time, we need to bend two 9mm hard wires. That's 18mm. You can see the video and we really did it. The equipment has been exported to Europe and is in normal production for 24 hours.

With the development of science and technology and the advancement of industrialization, servo motors and reducers at this stage have gradually become indispensable electrical components in the machinery industry. The same is true for the current mainstream CNC spring machines. The stability of the spring machine operation is directly related to the quality of the servo motor. Why do users focus on the performance of the servo motor when choosing a spring machine? The quality of the servo motor directly affects the stability of the spring machine, so how to detect the performance of the servo motor supporting the spring machine? (1) Servo motor performance testing method: look at the brand. Well-known brand servo motors have stable performance guarantee, which is also the key to ensure the stable operation of the spring machine. At present, the CNC spring machine products used in the domestic market, the servo motors used by different manufacturers are also different, which is also one of the reasons for the price difference of the spring machine. Therefore, when choosing a spring machine, users generally choose the more mature and stable performance servo motors used in the industry, such as the Japanese Sanyo or Yaskawa servo motors. We can generally distinguish this type of servo motor through the label. (2) Servo motor performance testing method: listen to the sound. The machine will make a certain sound when it is running, especially when combined with the use of a servo motor, the sound is unavoidable. During the operation of the spring machine, we can listen carefully to the sound from the tail of the servo motor with our ears. Generally speaking, the sound of a servo motor with good performance sounds very pure; while the sound of a general servo motor can hear some noise. Therefore, the performance of the servo motor of the computer spring machine can be distinguished by distinguishing the sound emitted. (3) Servo motor performance testing method: read parameters. The drive parameters matched with the servo motor are also very important to the requirements of the servo motor. Generally speaking, the higher the drive's own parameters, the more stable the corresponding spring winding will be, and the louder the sound of the servo motor will be; on the contrary, the more peaceful the sound of the servo motor with a certain noise, it indicates its stability The worse. When users choose a spring machine, do not blindly pursue the noiselessness of the servo motor. The performance factors of the servo motor must be considered comprehensively. The best strategy is to choose a servo motor configuration with more stable performance. In short, the three methods mentioned above, namely "one look, two listen and three reading", are only effective methods for simply detecting the performance of the servo motor. However, due to limited technical experience, more effective methods are used to detect the quality of the servo motor of the spring machine. The method requires all of us to discover, learn and communicate more in our future lives and work.

According to the diameter of the material, it is divided into two categories: cold coil spring machine and hot coil spring machine. 1、Cold coil spring machine is suitable for cold drawn steel wire and wire with diameter ∮0.1~22mm. This equipment includes automatic spring coiling machine (mechanical), CNC spring coiling machine, vertical (horizontal) spring grinding machine (mechanical spring grinding machine) , CNC spring grinding machine), straight tail spring coiling machine, bending machine, straightening machine, shot blasting machine, etc. 2、Hot coil spring machine is suitable for ∮18~80mm bar. This equipment includes hot coil spring machine, heavy spring coil spring machine, sharpening machine (air hammer), heating furnace, etc. Spring production equipment should also include heat treatment equipment and spring testing equipment.

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