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The wire forming machine is a large industrial equipment, so we need regular maintenance to ensure the normal operation of the machine. For the machine, it can get a great life guarantee. The reason for the failure is that the parts of the equipment are damaged, which will affect the service life of the equipment over time. Next, let's talk about how to use the wire forming machine correctly.

1. The wire forming machine needs to be installed and placed correctly
2. Regularly add oil to the 3d wire forming machine.
3. Keep the surface of the 3D wire forming machine clean.
4. The correct method of operation.

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In order to meet the needs of different types of spring processing, the spring machine market has gradually developed and innovated more new types of spring machines. The wire spring machine is currently very popular in the market. What is the camless wire spring machine?

Introduction of cam-free wire spring machine:

The cam-free wire spring machine is developed on the basis of the traditional cam spring machine. It is composed of the main machine, control system, motor power unit, auxiliary device and auxiliary equipment, and is developed from the mechanical type controlled by the previous electrical appliances to the current one. Mechatronics and optics integration. The host is composed of alloy steel casting panels, guide rails, sliding seats and high-precision gears, which improves the strength and rigidity of the wire spring machine itself, and further improves the operating accuracy and work efficiency of the wire spring machine.

Application advantages of wire spring machine:

The wire transfer spring machine adds a wire transfer system and a curling function. With the function of the wire transfer system, the spring machine can make the entire wire feeding part complete a 360-degree rotation in the forward and reverse directions during the wire feeding process, thereby realizing multiple angle positions of the machine Operations such as forming and cutting. In addition, with the detachable installation of the crimping device, the production speed of complex products such as corner bends and arc bending during the forming process is effectively increased, which greatly expands the powerful forming functions of the machine body and improves the machine's Work efficiency, operation is more simple and convenient.
The wire forming machine is currently widely used in many wire processing fields. It can realize efficient and accurate wire processing. However, in order to ensure the safety of the equipment, the operation and use process must be carried out in accordance with the specifications. What should be paid attention to in the operation and use of the wire forming machine aspect?
The use of wire forming machines can effectively improve the efficiency of enterprise wire processing, but safety should also be paid attention to during the use of equipment, and the following matters should be noted:

1. When the wire forming machine is working, all personnel are prohibited from entering the space swept by the rotating arm and pipe fittings!
2. When adjusting the wire forming machine or driving an empty car, the core rod should be removed, and when adjusting the wire forming machine, the adjuster should press the button to adjust it. Never adjust on the online forming machine by one person and operate on the control cabinet by the other person.
3. When the speed of the side push cylinder is manually adjusted, the rotating arm should be adjusted when it is rotated to ≥900. The adjustment speed is synchronized with the line speed of the edge of the turning arm rotating elbow mold. It is forbidden to push the side push faster than the line of the edge of the rotating mold in the manual state. speed.
4. When the wire forming machine is in the core bending mode during automatic operation, the operator must ensure that the core head is in the tube before the bending arm returns, or ensure that the mandrel is not blocked when the bending arm returns, otherwise, the core head or the core rod It may be bent or broken.
5. After using for a period of time, check the tightness of the chain to keep the tightness of the upper and lower chains consistent, and the pressure of the hydraulic system of the wire forming machine should not be greater than 14Mpa. Under normal circumstances, it should be replaced once a year. The oil filter must be cleaned at the same time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. .
Correct operation and use can not only ensure the safety of the operator, but also better maintain and protect the wire forming machine, which can reduce various failures of the equipment. As a large-scale wire forming equipment manufacturer in China, Auto Link CNC currently provides a variety of high-quality 2D\3D wire forming machines.
The wire forming machine is a highly efficient and high-precision wire forming automation equipment, but the correct operation and equipment conditions should be paid attention to during the use process. Otherwise, bending errors are prone to occur. How to adjust the bending error of the wire forming machine?
The bending error of the wire forming machine may be an operating error, or a problem with the equipment, but no matter what the situation is, it needs to be checked and dealt with in time, otherwise the quality of the subsequent products will be affected. How to deal with this situation:

The first step: Check whether the tool of the wire forming machine is damaged. If the error is caused by the tool damage, then only need to replace a tool to solve the error.
Step 2: If there is no damage to the tool, check whether there is a problem with the quality of the wire.
Step 3: After troubleshooting the above two problems, there is still a certain error in the angle of the bending parts of the wire forming machine, it may be caused by the failure of the hydraulic system in the machine, and the balance mechanism does not ensure that the pressure oil evenly enters the left and right cylinders. , Then it needs to be adjusted accordingly;
The fourth step: finally adjust the working mode of the wire forming machine to the state of "inching adjustment", and then remove the mold in the machine, so that the slider can stay on the mechanical stop, and then adjust the pressure gauge to the required In terms of pressure value, the specific method is to compress the head of the dial indicator in the wire forming machine by 3-4 mm, step on the foot pedal to increase the pressure of the system, and check when the pressure is increased or the system is discharged. In the case of the dial indicator's hour hand deviation, if it reaches the specified value, the operation can be stopped.
The above is the adjustment and treatment measures for the bending error of the wire forming machine. In addition, if you want to avoid this situation, you must pay attention to the regular maintenance and correct use of the equipment. Dongguan Auto Link CNC is a large-scale wire forming equipment in China. Manufacturers, currently can provide a variety of high-precision wire forming machine equipment!
Since the concept of CNC spring machine was introduced into the country in the late 1990s, the development of my country's spring and spring equipment industry has been injected with fresh blood, and it has sprung up in various places like mushrooms after a rain. Servo drive is the difference between CNC spring machine and mechanical spring coiling machine. Combined with working cases, the following descriptions about the common alarm instructions of the Shanyang servo drive of the wire spring machine are explained:

In the above case, we use the common alarm instructions of the Japanese Sanyo servo drive to explain the troubleshooting of the servo drive of the computer spring machine, hoping to help you solve the problems encountered in daily work in a timely manner. The spring machine products of our company use Sanyo or Yaskawa Servo Motor and driver imported from Japan. The stability of its work directly determines the performance of the CNC spring machine in operation.
With the development of science and technology and the advancement of industrialization, servo motors and reducers at this stage have gradually become indispensable electrical components in the machinery industry. The same is true for the current mainstream CNC spring machines. The stability of the spring machine operation is directly related to the quality of the servo motor. Why do users focus on the performance of the servo motor when choosing a spring machine? The quality of the servo motor directly affects the stability of the spring machine, so how to detect the performance of the servo motor supporting the spring machine?

1. Servo motor performance testing method: look at the brand. Well-known brand servo motors have stable performance guarantee, which is also the key to ensure the stable operation of the spring machine. At present, the CNC spring machine products used in the domestic market, the servo motors used by different manufacturers are also different, which is also one of the reasons for the price difference of the spring machine. Therefore, when choosing a spring machine, users generally choose the more mature and stable performance servo motors used in the industry, such as the Japanese Sanyo or Yaskawa servo motors. We can generally distinguish this type of servo motor through the label.

2. Servo motor performance testing method: listen to the sound. The machine will make a certain sound when it is running, especially when combined with the use of a servo motor, the sound is unavoidable. During the operation of the spring machine, we can listen carefully to the sound from the tail of the servo motor with our ears. Generally speaking, the sound of a servo motor with good performance sounds very pure; while the sound of a general servo motor can hear some noise. Therefore, the performance of the servo motor of the computer spring machine can be distinguished by distinguishing the sound emitted.

3. Servo motor performance testing method: read parameters. The drive parameters matched with the servo motor are also very important to the requirements of the servo motor. Generally speaking, the higher the driver's own parameters, the more stable the corresponding spring winding will be, and the louder the sound of the servo motor will be; on the contrary, the more peaceful the sound of the servo motor with a certain noise, it indicates its stability The worse. When users choose a spring machine, do not blindly pursue the noiselessness of the servo motor. The performance factors of the servo motor must be considered comprehensively. The best strategy is to choose a servo motor configuration with more stable performance.

In short, the three methods mentioned above, namely "one look, two listen and three reading", are only effective methods for simply detecting the performance of the servo motor. However, due to limited technical experience, more effective methods are used to detect the quality of the servo motor of the spring machine. The method requires all of us to discover, learn and communicate more in our future lives and work.
Adjustment of the spring outer warp of the spring machine: mainly to adjust the outer warp mechanism of the spring machine. When the cylindrical spring is rolled, the ejector rod is fixed up and down or rotated to a proper position. Need to install a spring machine reducing cam, the adjustment is relatively simple.

When rolling conical springs and convex springs, a reducing cam must be installed. The conical spring starts from the small diameter end to the large diameter end. The operating process of the reducing cam is from high point to low point, which is to make the ejector rod continuously retreat to form a small diameter circle to a large diameter circle. After the feeding process is finished and cut off , The ejector rod returns to the position of the small head, and a new cycle begins.

The individual adjustment content of the spring machine is as follows:

A. Sharpening of the mandrel: Double ejector spring coiling machine, the mandrel only plays the role of cutting off the edge of the spring, so it is sometimes called a core knife, and its sharpening is relatively simple. The outer warp of the mandrel should be smaller than the inner diameter of the spring, but not too small, otherwise the spring will collapse when it is cut off. At the same time, the gap between the cutter and the mandrel should not be too large.

B. (1) The adjustment of the ejector rod: the ejector rod is the diameter of the control spring. When the upper ejector rod moves in the direction of the mandrel, the diameter of the spring becomes smaller, and vice versa, the diameter of the lower ejector pin increases in the direction of the mandrel. On the contrary, it is small.

(2) Adjustment of feeding length and total number of turns:

The feeding length depends on the number of teeth of the selected gear. For a spring coiling machine with incomplete gear feeding, the number of teeth of the incomplete gear is controlled and the length of the spring is expanded.

Spring calculation formula:

Gear teeth number (Z) = spring expansion length (mm) / feed coefficient spring expansion length (L) = (spring outer warp-wire diameter) × ∏ × total number of turns.

The instruction setting for the computer system program of the CNC spring machine. In the process of debugging the spring machine, the adjuster or technician can use the computer hand wheel button to realize the operation and modification of the various parameter commands of the spring forming, so as to confirm the program instructions and memorize the program instructions. After the computer system is reset to zero, the automatic button generation function can be activated, which means mass production can be achieved.