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WB-3D408R Wire Bending Machine
WB-3D408R Wire Bending Machine
  • WB-3D408R Wire Bending Machine
  • WB-3D408R Wire Bending Machine
  • WB-3D408R Wire Bending Machine
  • WB-3D408R Wire Bending Machine
  • WB-3D408R Wire Bending Machine
  • WB-3D408R Wire Bending Machine
  • WB-3D408R Wire Bending Machine
  • WB-3D408R Wire Bending Machine

WB-3D408R Wire Bending Machine

Functions and features:

1.Head Rotary with 360 degree
2.800 mm Big Working Area
3.Inner bending makes different R much easier.
4.Wire Straightener supports forward and backward motions

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Product Details
 Application field: 

1.automobile parts
2.Kitchen and bathroom hardware accessories
3.Supermarket trolley hook shelf
4.Furniture hardware accessories
5.Pet cage accessories
6.Garden tool accessories, etc.

 Logistics information: 

Standard packaging:
wooden box
size of wooden box:

Delivery period:
30-45 days

Supply Capacity:
20 pcs/month

Shenzhen/Guangzhou Port

 Step price: 

US $27000-28000

 Payment method: 

Western Union
WB-3D408R Wire Bending Machine
Hard Wire(MM) 3.0-4.5MM
Soft Wire(MM) 3.0-8.0MM
Axes 3
Bending Motor 2KW
Wire Feeding Motor 2.7KW
Head Rotary Motor 2.7KW
Air compressor 5-6KG/CM
Dimensions(M) 2.2*1.0*1.5
Weight(KG) 2000KG

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 What is the difference between the wire forming machine of the rotor and the wire? 

A. Generally speaking, turning the head means that the line does not move, and the turning head moves. Turning the thread means that the folding head does not move, but the thread turns. Below 3mm, it is more appropriate to use a wire transfer machine to do some wire forming actions. Large wire diameters are mostly suitable for turning head forming machines. Because the wire molding space needs to be relatively large, and the wire diameter of the general wire molding parts is relatively large, it is not easy to turn in place if the wire is to be transferred. Of course, the most important thing is that the cost of turning heads will have more cost advantages than turning lines. Especially our equipment only needs 3 motors to realize more complicated forming action.

 What aspects should be paid attention to in the operation and use of the wire forming machine? 

The wire forming machine is currently widely used in many wire processing fields. It can realize efficient and accurate wire processing. However, in order to ensure the safety of the equipment, the operation and use process must be carried out in accordance with the specifications. What should be paid attention to in the operation and use of the wire forming machine aspect?
The use of wire forming machines can effectively improve the efficiency of wire processing in enterprises, but safety should also be paid attention to during the use of the equipment, and the following matters should be paid attention to:
1. When the wire forming machine is working, all personnel are prohibited from entering the space swept by the rotating arm and pipe fittings!
2. When adjusting the wire forming machine or driving an empty car, the core rod should be removed, and when adjusting the wire forming machine, the adjuster should press the button to adjust it. Never adjust it on the online forming machine by one person and the control cabinet by the other person.
3. When manually adjusting the speed of the side push cylinder, the rotating arm should be adjusted when it rotates to ≥900. The adjustment speed is synchronized with the line speed of the edge of the bending pipe mold when the rotating arm rotates. It is forbidden to push the side pushing faster than the line of the edge of the rotating mold in the manual state. speed.
4. In the core bending mode when the wire forming machine is automatically operated, the operator must ensure that the core head is in the tube before the bending arm returns, or ensure that the mandrel is not blocked when the bending arm returns, otherwise, the core head or the core rod It may be bent or broken.
5. After using for a period of time, check the tightness of the chain to keep the tightness of the upper and lower chains consistent, and the pressure of the hydraulic system of the wire forming machine should not be greater than 14Mpa. Under normal circumstances, it should be replaced once a year. The oil filter must be cleaned at the same time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. .

Correct operation and use can not only ensure the safety of the operator, but also better maintain and protect the wire forming machine, which can reduce various failures of the equipment. As a large-scale wire forming equipment manufacturer in China, Aoling CNC currently provides a variety of high-quality 2D\3D wire forming machines.